Magical Madeira Island

Madeira island is a truly unique destination of fascinating natural beauty, rising steeply and majestically from the Atlantic ocean.

Few places on earth offer such a variety of scenery with breathtaking cliffs, rockypeaks, alpine plateaux and lush valleys, whilst still retaining an unspoilt beauty and natural charm.

Although located in the African Plate, some 650 km (360 mi) off the North African coast, Madeira belongs and has always belonged ethnically, culturally, economically and politically to Europe, some 955 km (583 miles) from the European mainland.

Madeira offers not only a pleasing year round climate and wonderful fauna and flora - Madeira is also one of the most endearing holiday destinations in the world!

Located only 3 or 4 hours from most European capitals, Madeira island remains Europe’s most beautiful sub-tropical paradise which extends an invitation to visitors for just a weekend or a deliciously longer stay.
Selfie on Pico Ruivo - Madeira
Municipal Market - Funchal
As an echo to the past, many people now arrive by ship as Funchal is a favoured port on the Atlantic Ocean cruising routes.
Over the last decade Madeira island has seen a smooth migration of tourism out of Funchal and into the rural districts of the island.

Levada walking, canyoning, surfing, deep seafishing, and mountaineering are some of the many reasons that people now visit the island.
What they all have in common is that with its very low ratio of tourists to local population, they have a chance visit an island that lives and breathes another life other than being totally in thrall to the tourist Euro.

The pleasant soothing colours that invade the senses are the luxurious tones of rich green setagainst an azure Atlantic ocean - this truly is where Europe meets with the Tropics.

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